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Bring your connected life into the vehicle


365体育世界杯By 2020, three out of every four cars built will have internet connectivity. Cars have a much longer lifespan than the rapidly evolving network technologies. Visteon’s advanced connectivity modules incorporate the latest generation of wireless technologies such as LTE/5G, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, V2X (DSRC and cellular). We enable high-bandwidth data services, secure software updates across the vehicle, and safety applications.

Telematics Module Specs

  • Chipsets

    365体育世界杯Qualcomm 9XXX

    365体育世界杯Qualcomm SDX55

  • Applications


    365体育世界杯Emergency calls

    Remote features

    Vehicle health reports

    Software updates

    Phone/internet connectivity

  • Operating Systems

    Linux or QNX


  • Supported Standards

    365体育世界杯CAT-4 to CAT-16



    4G LTE, 5G

  • Vehicle Connectivity

    Multi CAN, CAN-FD

    Ethernet (BroadR Reach)

V2X Module Specs

  • Chipsets

    365体育世界杯Autotalks Craton2

    Autotalks Pluton2

  • Operating Systems

    Linux or QNX


  • Positional Accuracy

    Best: Dual band, correction data (<10 cm CEP)

    Better: Dual band (<1 m CEP)

    365体育世界杯Good: Single Band (<1.5m CEP)

  • Supported Standards

    DSRC V2X

    Cellular V2X (Rel 14 & 15 PC5)

  • Vehicle Connectivity

    365体育世界杯Multi CAN, CAN-FD

    Ethernet (BroadR Reach)

  • Radio Interface

    < -96dBm sensitivity

    365体育世界杯RX and TX diversity

    Simultaneous dual-channel

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